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Whether you’re growing older or concerned about a vulnerable loved one, taking control of your affairs can provide protection for your future and the future of your family. There are many ways to control your affairs and many reasons to do so, but at Christopher Lawn we’re experienced in shaping our services around our clients to ensure you’re making the right decisions for you. 

If you’re hoping to take control of your own affairs, there are many ways you can ensure a safe future for your estate and your family. These include:

  • Writing a will to make sure your wishes are met after your death
  • Assigning Lasting Power of Attorney so your trusted nominee can carry out your wishes regarding health and welfare should you lose mental capacity
  • Creating a trust to provide for the future of your family or loved ones, including vulnerable individuals in your care

Alternatively, it may be that you assistance taking control of the affairs of a vulnerable individual. This could be a child or an adult without the mental capacity to take care of their own legal or financial matters. In such cases, we can deliver a number of services to help you protect them, including:

  • Applying for a deputyship if you do not possess power of attorney for someone without mental capacity
  • Creating a trust to ensure a vulnerable person is cared for upon your death
  • Negotiating the Court of Protection to gain help managing the finances of a vulnerable person

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As a busy business owner, my will was one of the last things i had time to complete though I had been strongly advised to do get one done. I approached Chris, who took the stress out of getting my will done and his advice was second to none. Thank you Chris

Robbie Handley


Thank you so much Chris for putting protection in place for my mothers estate. At this difficult time you have helped us so much. I'd wholeheartedly recommended you to anyone, thank you.

Karen Denny


Chris Lawn helped us protect the estates of several loved ones and ourselves. His consistent professionalism and friendly approach was fab

Amita Patel

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