If you have significant wealth, it’s important to ensure your estate and finances are managed carefully. You may be concerned about a relationship, a business venture or even investments, all of which can be made even more complex by your high net worth. However, Christopher Lawn has many years experience providing legal services to clients with significant wealth, delivering peace of mind and financial protection to ensure our clients feel confident about the future of their assets.

We provide a range of services to help high net worth clients maintain control over their estates, including:

  • Relationship and child maintenance disputes
  • Property and personal assets
  • Businesses and commercial assets
  • Tax management
  • Pensions and retirement planning
  • Trusts and inherited wealth

We can also assist with a number of safeguarding measures such as Will writing, which can ensure all wishes are adhered to upon your death. This can be particularly important in cases that involve multiple marriages and/or children from different spouses, which can often result in disputes. 

Estate Planning

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