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If you’re involved in an ongoing dispute, whether personally or as a representative of your business, it may feel like you’re being backed into a corner and struggling to defend your best  interests. At Christopher Lawn we have specialist experience dealing with a wide range of disputes, tackling everything from resolution negotiations to court appearances. Our expertise has helped our clients successfully negotiate:

  • Commercial and business disputes
  • Property and asset disputes
  • Consumer disputes
  • International disputes
  • Disputes over wills or trusts

Our legal assistance is tailored to you to ensure you achieve the best outcome as smoothly as possible. Our network of overseas partners also ensures there are no complications caused by any parties based abroad – we’ll provide guidance to help you overcome any obstacles that may  be put in your way by foreign legal systems. 

If you feel your business has been subjected to the wrong doing of another commercial entity, we are able to assist in taking matters further. Through our extensive experience in this field, we are able to advice you properly on your case and the potential next steps you should take

Consumers are often subject to complex terms and conditions from businesses and challenging these can be a daunting prospect as an individual. At Christopher Lawn we understand this and fight your corner every step of the way to ensure your rights are adhered to. We help build your case and take a personable approach to your situation

Often high value assets such as property are subject to complex legal situations in highly emotional situations, especially if the asset in question has been passed on in a will. We are able to correctly advise you, whatever your situation is and help you with your case.

You may feel if your case is international that you have no or little hope of claiming or fighting your case. We strongly disagree and can help you explore all legal avenues for overseas cases.

Often a very emotive and difficult time can become even harder when wills and trusts are disputed. We understand this and help you take a constructive view of the will or trust in question to gain the desired outcome.

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As a busy business owner, my will was one of the last things i had time to complete though I had been strongly advised to do get one done. I approached Chris, who took the stress out of getting my will done and his advice was second to none. Thank you Chris

Robbie Handley


Thank you so much Chris for putting protection in place for my mothers estate. At this difficult time you have helped us so much. I'd wholeheartedly recommended you to anyone, thank you.

Karen Denny


Chris Lawn helped us protect the estates of several loved ones and ourselves. His consistent professionalism and friendly approach was fab

Amita Patel

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