As you grow older you’re likely to be increasingly concerned about safeguarding your future, as well as the future of your spouse and your family. If you are a relative or friend of an older person, you may be concerned about their vulnerability, particularly in terms of their welfare and finances. Christopher Lawn specialises in providing legal advice to elderly clients wishing to protect their future and those hoping to protect an elderly relative as they grow older.

There are a number of decisions we can tackle on behalf of elderly clients, including:

  • Planning for your retirement
  • Preparing your estate for the future
  • Considering the future of your business
  • Considering health and welfare options for the future

One service you may wish to consider is the creation of a Living Will or Advance Directive, which are statements of your wishes concerning your estate and ongoing health care. Such documents can be used to dictate who should inherit parts of your estate and can also allow you to make advance decisions about ongoing treatment should you suffer from a health condition. 

Power of Attorney (LPAs) can also be put in place to ensure your wishes are carried out should you lose capacity in the future. LPAs are designed to provide you with greater control over your future in case you lose the physical or mental capacity to manage such issues yourself; with an LPA you can select a trusted nominee to make such decisions on your behalf. 

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