Legal issues concerning relationships and families often involve a greater level of emotion than any other, but family matters can also feel like some of the most crucial to get right for those involved. As such, it’s important to work through any legal planning or repercussions you may be facing with an experienced but sympathetic legal expert who can act as a trusted objective expert.

There are many legal matters that fall under the umbrella of family law and we have a great deal of experience dealing with even the most complex of family issues. Our experience covers:

  • Careful mediation of divorces and separation
  • Dealing with matters affecting property
  • Sympathetic mediation of legal matters affecting children
  • Issues of future proofing such as wills, assets, trusts and succession planning
  • Expert advice for representatives of a vulnerable person

As a member of STEP, you can feel confident that we adhere to best practice and uphold professional integrity, helping families tackle all manner of legal issue with sensitivity and clarity. To discuss your options with our knowledgeable solicitors, please call to book a consultation.

Individuals & Families

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